What I’ll be doing today — Sunday

As I told you recently, Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  Today I’ll be writing postcards and letters.  I have several thank you notes I want to write and a letter to answer, plus I can now mail 12 more postcrossing postcards because previous cards sent have arrived and been registered.  Fun, fun, fun!

Right now, my desk/sewing area is covered with stuff I need to find homes for.  So, I write sitting in a recliner.  I lean that puppy back and put a big pillow in my lap.  I put a “Quilter’s Cut ‘n Press” on top of the pillow to give me a firm surface to write on.  I have my pens, white out (for the occasional mistake) and paper sitting to my left.  I’m in front of the TV, but I often mute it so I can concentrate on what I’m writing.

Woo hoo!  My gift from Goulet Pens.

The ink is Noodler’s Dostoyevsky

I’ll be using my new Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen to write my letters!  (I use a Papermate G-Force ball point pen for writing postcards and checks because the ink doesn’t smear and is pretty water proof.)  I placed a small order with the Goulet Pen Company a few days ago for 5 ink samples and a new extra fine nib for my Lamy Safari fountain pen.  They are my go to company for inks and fountain pen knowledge.  Right now, they are having a ThanksGiving give away.  When I got my order yesterday, I had a surprise in the box.  The surprise was the Pilot Metropolitan pen along with a wonderful thank you note!  This company goes above and beyond, in my humble opinion, in customer service and education.  I cannot tell you how much I love them!  I wish they were local, but I’m grateful they are a US company.  I do believe in shopping local whenever possible.

Some things I love about Goulet (in no particular order):

  • I love that I can buy a sample of their bottled inks.  There are usually several inks I’m debating on buying.  It can get expensive to just buy the bottle and hope I like it, but I can try out several samples and then choose one bottle.  Wonderful!  I have not found another company who sells samples of ink.  This alone is enough to keep me coming back, but their customer service and care is the real reason I continue to shop with them.
  • They always write a short message on my invoice and they tell me the ink they are using to do it.
  • I love their informational videos about all things fountain pen related.  If I have a question, I go to their blog to find a video or look at the specific product I’m interested in and there is usually a video at the bottom of the listing answering my questions.
  • If I can’t find a video to answer my question, I know I can email them to get the answer.
  • They carry Noodler’s ink.  Noodler’s is made in the US and I really like that.
  • They keep their prices as low as they can on each product.

By the way, I am not being compensated in any way for this endorsement of the Goulet Pen Company.  I just want to share them with you!

Love them.  Love writing letters and postcards.  Love Sundays!  Are you writing letters today?  More soon….

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  1. Jan & Gene Thompson says:

    I’m saving all this pen & ink info for when I get settled in our new SA apartment and am anxious to send real mail to friends.

    Happy writing! Love Jan

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