Bed in a Box

the mattresses were each these duffle bags in a box

the mattresses were each these duffel bags in a box

My son is very busy and orders a lot of stuff from Amazon instead of spending precious time in stores.  I spent most of November and just about all of December with him and his kids last year.  During that time, he ordered 2 new twin sized mattresses and a full-sized mattress from!  I would have never thought of that.



rings and misc 004They came in little boxes!  Inside they’re in duffel bags and the mattress is wrapped in plastic.  It was amazing to see them pop — and I do mean POP — out of the packaging.




rings and misc 007This third picture shows the mattress right after it pops out of the plastic.  It’s a little unwieldy at this point.







rings and misc 009Then you have to let the mattress rest so it can plump up to its maximum size before you use it.  I think it was 48 hours, but I may not remember the time correctly.  It felt like a really long time since the mattresses that were being replaced were so worn out.

They aren’t the best mattresses I’ve been on, but certainly not the worst either and worth the money they cost, I do believe.


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  1. Jan says:

    That is totally amazing. Is that one of the granddaughters????? How old now? Pretty thing, isn’t she?


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