20 Things I’m Loving Today — List it Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve written a list of things I love.  Time to remedy that.

  1. Going to the movie theater with my momma.  Especially to a $4 matinée!
  2. Have a theater in Gun Barrel again
  3. That I made it home before the storm started
  4. Storms — but really only the non-damaging and non-dangerous ones
  5. How green everything still is in my part of Texas.  Won’t be long before it starts to brown in the heat
  6. Postage Stamps — little works of art
  7. Phone calls from Middle C
  8. Making my son laugh
  9. Feelings of accomplishment
  10. Seeing the scale headed down instead of up, even if it is really slow
  11. Skinny Pop popcorn — this stuff is packaged like big bags of potato chips and is so much better for you
  12. Avocados!
  13. Hearing birdsong
  14. Indian Blanket flowers along the roadside
  15. Getting errands run and over with
  16. Snapple Peach Tea!
  17. Reconnecting with friends
  18. When I feel chilly enough to cover up with a quilt
  19. My husband being home so I don’t have to take the dogs out in the rain
  20. Small kindnesses

That’s what’s on the top of my head right now.  What are you loving today?

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