A little Tease

Color fun!

Color fun!

I went to one of my happy places last Saturday!  It was my sit and sew group, formally known as the Jane Does.  We sewn and sometimes retreated together for years and years.  Lovely bunch of women.  I’ve had so many family obligations that I’ve only been able to join the ladies a hand full of times over the last four years.  I’ve really missed them.

Unfortunately, I found out Saturday, that the group has pretty much fallen apart recently.  I was the only person to show up to sew.  A bit sad.  Two ladies did show up a couple of hours later to visit.  It was nice to see them and to get caught up.  I really enjoy the visiting with this group even more than the sewing.

While there, I decided to cut fabric for my current project.  By the time I got through with the cutting, I didn’t have much time to sew, so I loaded up and headed home.  I don’t know what I’ll do next month on sit and sew day.  Chance being there alone again or just stay home.

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