Thankfully, a drowned Scropion Doesn’t Sting



I’ve been feeling rather cocky this spring.  It’s late May and I haven’t seen even one scorpion in the house this year!  My hubby has seen three or four, two of which have stung him, but still it’s better than last year.

Last year, I was seeing them daily and sometimes three or four a day.  These scorpions didn’t just say hello, they surprised and stung!  I was getting punchy from finding them so often.  Not to scare you out of ever visiting me — they would not only climb into bed with me and scare or sting me at night, but they sometimes dropped from the ceiling onto the bed or ME and scared or stung me at night!  I mean last year was horrible, horrible, horrible with scorpions!  We finally had to spray for them even though I really hate to do that kind of thing.  I just couldn’t take it any longer!

A few months ago, I read that drinking from a straw or a sports bottle would end up giving you the same lines around your mouth that smokers get.  So, I started drinking my water in used Snapple Peach Tea bottles.  They hold 16 ounces and I can keep track of how much I’m drinking.

Scorpion in tea bottle 004So a few minutes ago, I’m looking at blogs on the computer and grab my tea bottle to have a bit of water.  I feel something go into my mouth that is definitely NOT water!  I spit it back into the bottle and look inside.  Guess what I found?  A scorpion floating around!  I don’t give a good dog gone damn if I do get smoker lines, I’m going back to my sports bottle!

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