A Rare List it Sunday List

Today, I am loving…

  • The CBS Sunday Morning t.v. show.  I watch this weekly and love it every time.
  • The Texas County Reporter t.v. show.  Another show I watch every Sunday and love every week.  This week’s episode consisted of reruns not shown together before, making it a “new” episode.  I still loved it!
  • Reading the newest PostSecret blog posting.  I’ve read every book he’s put out and am looking forward to the new one — coming soon.  I’d love to see his in person presentation one day too.  I’m trying to think of my own, long-buried, secrets to mail in.
  • That everything I had up for auction today on eBay will sell!  (I’m still in the process of cleaning and de-cluttering my house.  Part of this is selling off the Silpada jewelry I bought, that I didn’t want to keep, while I was a Silpada Rep.)  My own little public service announcement for the day, if you are ever going to be a jewelry rep, only buy the pieces you really love.  Do not buy things that you think will generate purchases for you at parties!
  • I’m anticipating a phone call from my friend Beth this afternoon!  I haven’t talked to her in months.
  • My Texas Rangers are winning their baseball game!  It’s been a rough year for my Rangers.  Lots of injuries and more game loses than I’m used to seeing from them.  When they win this game, they’ll be at 500 for the season, so far.  Hey, it’s a start.
  • I’ve been cleaning my dried out fountain pens.  I hope to start writing some letters again soon.
  • Drinking a second bottle of Snapple Peach tea today.  I felt a little afternoon slump that sugar and caffeine can fix right up.
  • I’ve already danced for my minimum allotted time today.  I danced to Happy repeatedly.  If you don’t know the song, click on the link and be happy!

What are you loving today?


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