For the last ten minutes or so, I’ve been listening to an owl in a nearby tree WHO-ing to his heart’s content.  It’s been wonderful!  It’s a fine end to this day.

Memorial Day hit me pretty hard this year.  I don’t know why.  Although, I’ve had many family members serve in the military, I’ve been fortunate enough not to have lost anyone near and dear in a the service of our Country.  Maybe it’s because my son and so many sons of friends serve now and I know we could suffer their supreme sacrifice.  Or maybe it’s because I watched several war related movies over the long weekend (The Fighting Sullivans and Twelve O’clock High were both great) and have been watching The History Channel’s The World Wars.  I also came across a blog posting on Writealetter.org that shared several letters war letters from guys who didn’t make it home.  All of this has made me sad and grateful.

Today was also the day of Maya Angelou’s passing.  I’ve been reading quotes from her most of the day.  What a magnificent person she was!  This evening, I came across a letter she wrote to her younger self on the blog Letters of Note.  It’s a very interesting blog.  Although I loved Maya Angelou’s letter, there was another I loved even more written by Helen Keller.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

I hope you’ve had time for reflection this week.  And time for joy.

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon, I also was sad to hear of Maya’s passing. Like you I thought she was a great person although she probably wouldn’t look at it that way. She was down to earth and her books speak volumes to not only what ails our society but also to all of us who read her books. Not long ago I read her recent book about her and her Mom. The world is in dire need of more like her and she will be missed.

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