Nature’s Treasures

baby racoon tracks 001I live in a rural area.  My father designed and built the log home I live in.  I wish I had known during the design process that I would someday live in this house, because I would have recommended a few things.  One thing I would have suggested is that the laundry room be IN the house.  It’s not.  You have to go outside.  It’s attached to the house, but you still have to get out in the heat, cold or other weather to wash your clothes.  I’m thankful there is a laundry room, but it’s still somewhat of a hassle.

To make matters worse, the laundry room was added as an after thought.  The outside wall to the laundry room was built from inferior logs that dad had discarded as not usable on the house itself.  These logs have now rotted and are falling down.  It’s going to take us a while to save up the money to fix it all.

close up

close up

One of the true downsides of this happening, is that critters can get into my laundry room when it’s shut up.  I’m always afraid of what I might find in there.  As I’ve been told in the past, there is a silver lining to every cloud in your life.  Today, I saw the silver lining!  Tiny, little baby raccoon foot prints in the mud in my laundry room!  They are no larger than a dime.  That one in the top left looks like a flower in person.  It’s just precious!  Maybe that’s what my dogs were barking their heads off over last night.

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