Sunday Sunning after the Storm?

squirrell 001I went out to go to the laundry room a little while ago and spotted this squirrel.  It was laid flat-out on the deck railing.  It is sunning itself?  It wasn’t very sunny when I saw it.  Or possibly flat-out tired?  Or laying in wait for the dog who had the dead baby squirrel in his mouth recently?  The thing that got me was that I saw the squirrel and I went back into the house to get my camera.  It waited for me.  I took this photo.  Then I went on down the stairs to the laundry room, did my thing there and came back up.  It was still there.  I came in and folded the clothes, then I went back out to check on the squirrel.  It was still there!  The sun had peeked out from behind the clouds and it was in the sunny spot.  Maybe that’s all it wanted.  It was gone an hour later when I checked on last time.

Until next time….

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