Pink Hexagon Quilt in progress

tools of the trade, so to speak....just add scissors and sew!

tools of the trade, so to speak….just add scissors and sew!

I’ve been mentally working on this quilt for well over a year, maybe even two or three. I’ve even started it twice by machine, ripped it all out and discarded everything. Finally, I decided that I want to hand piece this puppy. It’s for my grandson. He’s almost eleven and is on the autism spectrum. Pink is his favorite color. He told me, some time ago, that he wants a pink hexagon quilt.

pattern I'm using

the pattern I’m using

Since he is on the spectrum and busy things can be jarring for him, I’ve had a tough time trying to figure out exactly how to piece the hexagons. I tend to like making very busy quilts with dozens of different fabrics in them.  Toning it down is not easy for me.  I pulled all of my pinks out, finally deciding on just my pink batik fabrics.  I figured out (to the best of my ability) how many hexagons I’ll need for a twin sized bed.  If I’ve figured it out correctly, I’ll need 138 hexs and 12 half hexs.  These hexagons are really big — 9 and 1/8″ wide by 8″ long!  The pattern picture is a bit blurry, I’m sorry about that.  If you look at it closely though, you’ll see that every second row is offset, so that the middle of one hex lines up to the bottom of the next hex.  I’m using the width of  these two sections to find the width of the two rows, in order to figure out the actual width needed for the quilt.

one possible flower

one possible flower

I’m hoping to use one fabric for all of the white hexs in the pattern as the background.  The hex “flowers” will mostly be similarly shaded pinks, with an occasional darker or lighter one thrown in for fun.  At least that’s the plan.  The reality is that I buy a lot of fat quarter (18″ x 22″) pieces of fabric which gives me a very limited amount of hexagons I can cut from one piece of fabric.  I’ve played with the ones I have cut out so far and come up with a few of the flowers.  I’ll need ten full flowers and four that have a half hex to make the top and bottom of the quilt straight.  At this point, I’m planning to leave the sides with the points instead of adding fabric to make it all straight.  That plan may change.

another possible flower

another possible flower with a dark center

I’ll keep you updated as I piece the quilt.  I hope all of my figuring will work out.  Math is not my strong suit.

The dark center in the light flower is the fabric that may be the background, provided I have enough of it.  I’m hoping to use it as a binding also.


a light fabric flower

the same light fabric flower with a light center


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  1. says:

    Hi. Sharon, have you considered paper piecing the hexes ?

    May be too late and hard to find correct size but it’s so much easier to put together. They are reusable. I love paper piecing.


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    • Jan, I actually love to English Paper Piece. I’ve done quite a bit of it, but have never actually completed anything. If I were to EPP this quilt, I’€™d have to make my own paper pieces out of file folders or something like that. These are 8″€ by a little more than 9€” wide. I didn’€™t want to go that route, this time. I started the hand piecing last night. I’€™m going to work on it while I listen to audio books. Fun!

      Hugs, Sharon

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