First Pink Hex Flower

first hex flower done!

first hex flower done!

I finished hand piecing the first  flower for the pink hexagon quilt on Wednesday afternoon.  I started it Monday night.  I sewed a little on Monday and Tuesday, but did most of the work on Wednesday when I really should have been doing chores and errands.  I enjoyed the sewing much more than what I should have been doing!  It measures just over 23 inches wide!  I didn’t even think to measure how long it is though.  I had to hang it on my closet door in order to show you the whole block.

I had thought about using that dark pink for all of the background pieces that will surround and separate the flowers, but I wasn’t crazy about the way this particular fabric frayed while I was handling it.  Granted, I’m new at this and possibly it won’t fray as much as I get more skilled and at ease with my stitching, but you never know.  If you want to check out my earlier post, you can see the pattern I’m using to piece this.  The background fabric will go where the white hexs are in the pattern.

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3 Responses to First Pink Hex Flower

  1. your friend says:

    I love this block. If that pink is going to be hateful and fray, maybe you could try some lightweight fusible interfacing before you sew.

  2. Jan Thompson says:

    Guess my thought would be a quilt (especially one going to a boy) shouldn’t have any fabric that frays! It will only cause you misery.I wouldn’t remove a piece now but I sure wouldn’t add any more.
    We are having our first cool morning here in San Antonio …good quilting weather.

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