Fourteen Year Old Quilt in Progress

close up

close up

I started this quilt for my oldest granddaughter fourteen years ago!  I showed the main, center portion to her mother at her baby shower.  I had intended to finish it before she was born, but I apparently put it away and totally forgot about it.  Years later, when I did think about it again, I thought I had indeed finished it and given it to her.  I couldn’t understand why I never saw it being used!

Imagine my surprise when I found it in one of my quilt fabric boxes within the last year!  I think it may be my oldest UFO — Unfinished Object.  I showed it to my granddaughter recently, telling her the story behind it.  I didn’t think she would want it.  She’s not much of a “pink” girl.  I decided if she didn’t, I’d finish it for myself.  Well, she wants it!  Not that I blame her a bit.  It’s a fun quilt!

The center portion is the large hot pink squares with little dots and the nine patches made with the same pink and the cheddar yellow.  The problem is how to enlarge the quilt to a full size from a crib sized when fourteen year old fabric is no longer available for purchase.  So, I went out and bought lots of new fabrics, hoping to add oranges and more pinks and cheddars.  Then I packed it up to work on at my recent quilt retreat.  It didn’t work as well as I had hoped.  The contrast was just too jarring.  (I wish I had taken pictures to show you!)

the start of a plan

the start of a plan  (the center piece is on the right and folded in half, so you only see three and a half of the blocks) 

At this point, I’m planning to add three rows all the way around the center to enlarge it and continue the same pattern.  Sort of thinking of the three new rows as a border.  For the first row surrounding the center —  I’ll use the larger dot fabric for the large squares and the nine patches made from the original cheddar and a new pink with tone on tone flowers. (You can see these in the photo, just click to enlarge.)  The next two rows — I’ll use the same tone on tone pink for as many large squares as I can.  At this point, I do not have enough of the pink I’m wanting to use to finish two full rows.  I may be able to get more when I head to OK for my next visit or I may not.  If I can’t, I’ll try to substitute something else.  I’ll use the original pink with small dots and cheddar for the remaining nine patches.  I hope to bind it in a hot pink also.   Should be interesting to see how it actually turns out.

I’ll update you again the next time I get to work on it.

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  1. Jan T says:

    You are so creative, I know you will find a pleasing solution. Good Luck!

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