My Word to Live by in 2015 — Gratitude

If you happened to read my last post, you know that I am not sorry to see 2014 in my rearview mirror.  I logically know that every single person on this big earth has problems and sorrows every single year.  No one can get through this life unscathed.  When you are going through the pain of your own sorrows though, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that everyone else has their own pains too.  At least it’s difficult for me to remember at times.

As I was driving home from running errands yesterday morning, I was thinking about the pain and challenges ahead of us in the next months — pretty much throwing myself a good, old fashioned pity party.  Then I was basically slapped upside the head with the realization that no matter how challenging or painful this year turns out to be, that my own attitude toward each day will be what makes or breaks me.   You see, my hubby was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer just before Christmas.  He’ll be undergoing tests in the next few days to see if it has spread and then he’ll be making decisions on how to deal with this diagnosis.   There will be days that are really difficult.  They may even be pure hell to endure, but that does not have to ruin this new year for me.  What I have to do is look for the good in each and every day or this year.  I have to focus on gratitude!  So, my word for the year of 2015 will be gratitude and I will share my gratitude here with you.

I’d like to start by telling you what I’m grateful for today:

  • I’m grateful that my hubby’s cancer was found
  • I’m grateful that I am not ill with the flu, bronchitis or a sinus infection that often plague me at this time of year
  • I’m grateful for the loved ones who are helping us, even though it’s so terribly difficult to accept help
  • I’m grateful for the prayers of friends and family
  • I’m grateful health insurance
  • I’m grateful for bone scans and cat scans that will show us a larger picture of my hubby’s health
  • I’m grateful for the empathy my oldest granddaughter has shown in the last months
  • I’m grateful that I got to spend time with my mother this morning.I’m grateful for phones — they keep me connected to loved ones far away
  • I’m grateful for each of you who have taken the time to spend reading my blog

I’ll be back soon to share some sewing and quilting projects with you.  I hope to have more fabric creativity in my life this year.  I’ll also be sharing my gratitude with you each week.

Happy New Year!  I wish you health and happiness in 2015!


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2 Responses to My Word to Live by in 2015 — Gratitude

  1. your friend says:

    I am grateful for your friendship and for the prayer warriors in both our lives.

    During my most difficult health days I would look around the lab, testing facility, doctor’s office or hospital and take time to notice all the people who were in very bad shape and be grateful I was in my situation.

    Will continue to cover your family in prayers.


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