My 2015 Quilt Plans

my very favorite fabric in the collection!

my very favorite fabric in the collection!

My head has been spinning since I got home from Oklahoma a week ago with all of the quilt projects I want to start — right this minute!  It’s been difficult to choose the one I’ll start first.  In fact, I still haven’t picked one.  So, I thought it might help if I made a list of them for us all to see.  Here goes….

  • I want to finish hand piecing the pink hexagon quilt I’ve started for my grandson.  Yes, he likes pink and I’m perfectly fine with that.
  • I’d like to make a quilt like my hubby’s quilt for me to use at my son’s house.  Since I want to use fabric I have on hand (my goal is no new fabric this year), I’ll either use the black and whites I have or white muslin for the back of this one.   My youngest granddaughter has started one like this also, I’d like to help her finish it.
  • I need to finish my oldest granddaughter’s fourteen year old quilt in progress.  I found the fabric I need to finish it when I was in Oklahoma!
  • I’ve wanted to make a bed sized pineapple quilt like the black and scrap batik miniature pineapple quilts I’ve made in the past.  The mini has blocks smaller than three inches square.  The bed sized quilt will have ten inch blocks.

Another quilt I’m chomping at the bit to start is a Plus quilt using the Terra Australis fat quarter bundle I bought recently.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought a fat quarter bundle of a complete fabric line before, but I fell hard for this one when I saw it.  I am totally in love with the fabric I photographed alone in the top photo!  I wish I had enough of it to back the whole quilt.  Alas, I have only the one fat quarter of it.  It will be difficult to cut into that one.

Of course, there will be other quilts that will make their desire to be made known to me over the next year.  I hope I can get them all done and have them being used and loved before the end of 2015!  I’ll let you know how I do as I work on them.

all 32 fat quarters of Terra Australis!

all 32 fat quarters of Terra Australis!

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6 Responses to My 2015 Quilt Plans

  1. your friend says:

    Oh my stars! This is the prettiest fabric I have seen in a long time. It just makes my heart sing. Where did you find it? I think you should work on all the quilts. Hand quilt on one for portable since you may have extra sitting time this year, start piecing one, find the pattern for one. Now that you see how scattered I am you will understand a lot of things. For a couple of decades I have chosen to see sitting for appointment time as a gift of time which I choose to use joyfully for reading, sewing handwork, journaling, and planning. Haven’t done audio books and frankly I am surprised I’ve never thought of that, but I have used it as quiet time or meeting people time.

    • I’m pretty sure I got the fat quarter bundle at Oklahoma Quiltworks in OKC. They had only two of the bundles and it was before Christmas. I was sure they wouldn’t be there after Christmas, so I grabbed one. Wish I could have gotten them both! It’s an Australian fabric line and from what I’ve found out on the internet, it’s an older one. I can’t find any more of it. Very sad.

      I may very well work on all of the quilts! If I can get myself organized, I plan to take the pink hexs with me to the tests, treatments and hospital stays. I’ll probably take my audio books to listen to while I work on it. I’d also really like to machine piece two of the others at one time. I’m thinking I could do a little more organizing and possibly use one quilt’s pieces as starty/stopies and piece it more slowly that way while I piece another one at regular speed. Does that make sense? If I’m ever able to get my house rearranged and put most of the sewing downstairs, as I’m hoping for – I may end up with a couple being pieced upstairs and a couple downstairs!


  2. JanT says:

    Totally love the collection. I can see why it called your name. Best of luck with it.

    Don’t forget to stack up some handwork for those waiting rooms during Richard’s journey. Even pinning blocks together to join later by machine can help pass the time and it always starts conversations with folks also looking for a diversion from the waiting.

    Love ya,

    • I’ve got a bag of magazines for Monday’s test and both of Wednesday’s doctor visits. Don’t know if I could concentrate on something specific right now. I’ll save the handwork for the surgery or treatments. I’m planning what to take and starting to get it all together, at least mentally.

      Love you too!


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