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Quick Check In

Things have been a bit crazy around here.  I had hoped to post a couple of days ago, but had a computer virus that had to be taken care of first. Today I’m taking both dogs to the vet.  Loads … Continue reading

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Katie update

I thought you might be wondering how our Katie girl is adjusting. She’s quite at home now. She and Barkley truly seem to enjoy each other’s company. They play and run together all day long. She has found at least … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Vet

Barkley was overdue for his shots and had been out of his Revolution flea treatment for way too long. So, I took him to the vet this morning. Never a fun experience for him or for me. He whimpered almost … Continue reading

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Good Dog, Barkley!

Barkley doesn’t bark at every little thing, but it’s not unusual to hear him barking out here in the country. When it goes on for a while, I usually think “What the hell is he barking at?”. That happened this … Continue reading

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Photo of the week 10 of 39 — Black and White

I didn’t get to go take a picture of the cows I had hoped to find. And I’m not overly happy with the one I took of the cat at Petsmart either. He’s a sweetie, but I just didn’t get … Continue reading

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My hubby, our white German Shepherd dog Barkley and I are all showing signs that we’re starting to get dispirited about Elly. We’ve been hopeful, even though we’ve been brutally honest with each other about the possibilities of what could … Continue reading

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Motherly Kisses

I’m looking through pictures today. Trying to find one of M that I can put on here without fear of her wanting to kill me later. She is another family member who doesn’t like to have her picture taken. So … Continue reading

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I added some pictures

For my picture a day challenge today, I took pictures of my dogs and let me tell you, it was indeed a challenge to get a picture of Barkley! He wouldn’t sit still for anything and I tried just about … Continue reading

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