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Just a Quick little Update

I’ve gone to Oklahoma for an extended visit.  It could be a couple of weeks or a few months.  I just don’t know yet.  So, I’ve deactivated my postcrossing account, for the time being, and will probably not be showing postcards … Continue reading

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Daily Frustration

They’re working on the highway in front of my house.  I believe they’re widening the shoulder.  That will be nice when it’s done, but right now, it’s a daily frustration in my life.  It’s loud and inconvenient.  I find myself trying to … Continue reading

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Forgot to mention Yesterday

When I actually got to see and talk to my granddaughter in person, she changed her mind about the type of quilt she wanted me to make for her.  It’s not the log cabin variation that I’d made for her … Continue reading

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Controversy — Warning The F Word is used in this post

I came home yesterday afternoon from QuiltCon 2013, the first quilt show put on by The Modern Quilt Guild.  It was held in Austin, Texas and I’m hoping it continues to be held there.  I loved Austin! Last night some … Continue reading

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My Post Office could Close

When the news of all the closings first came out, I looked up my post office to see if it was in danger.  The listing I found did not list my post office, so I stupidly assumed that it was … Continue reading

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Stirred not Shaken

Yes, right now, I’m wishing I had a good drink.  I’m more the margarita type than the martini type, though the title of the post describes me and not the drink I’m wanting.  I’m all stirred up! I went to a … Continue reading

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Popping Around in my Head

Just have to say it and see if it stops. My hubby and I can wear the same size jeans.  This is not the first time.  It’s a little troubling that after all these years, we’re still the same fat. … Continue reading

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The Days Crawl by

It’s been more than two weeks now since Bob died.  The days crawl by except when they don’t.  Some seem to slip through our hands like water.  It’s been rough, to say the least.  I can only imagine how my … Continue reading

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Kiva and Father’s Day

I’m a Kiva Blogger.  That means that occasionally, I post a message from Kiva to get the word out about them on my blog so that you all can know more about the good works they do.  I believe in … Continue reading

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Cake vs. Pie

I have photos of mail to show you and even a couple of little treasures I bought on my trip to see my niece last week, but first I want to ask you — which is your favorite — cake … Continue reading

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