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A Visit to Fairlie, Texas

My mother and I recently drove to points north to visit a former neighbor.  This lovely lady — Mrs. B — lived across the street from us for more than 15 years, maybe 20 years.  She once watched over my sister and I while … Continue reading

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Standing UP to Bullies!!!

When I was young, it was just kid stuff — to be bullied in school or maybe in the neighborhood.  Nowadays, with all of the electronic media available to our children, being bullied can be constant, unrelenting torment that destroys our young … Continue reading

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I’m Back

I think it’s “safe” to come back now.  I’ve missed this blog and I am happy to be back.

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Helping Schools the Easy Way

I believe I’ve told you that my grandchildren are going to school in a more financially disadvantaged school district this year.  This school does not have many of the things that schools in neighboring areas around here have and take for granted.  The … Continue reading

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Global Celebrations for Kiva’s 6th Birthday!

Please join the Kiva Community this October in one of the 10 participating cities and help them celebrate 6 years of making loans to deserving entrepreneurs around the world!  Come meet Kiva enthusiasts in your community and celebrate the global movement … Continue reading

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The New Sunday Fun Times

Yesterday was the day that my granddaughters do most of their weekly chores.  After several weeks of being here with them during the chores, I decided to leave the house on this particular day of the week in an attempt … Continue reading

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I’m late, but I’m still Grateful!

I’ll have to make this a quick post in order to get it finished before midnight and make my Thursday gratitude posting. I’m grateful: for the beautiful, soaking rain we had this morning and the cool temperatures and blue skies … Continue reading

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Country Sundays vs. City Sundays

For many years, Sundays have been my favorite day of the week.  Sundays have always been a down time for me.  A time to relax and do what I want to do.  I could stay in bed and read or … Continue reading

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As Our Nation Remembers…

I remember too. I remember the shock, the anger and the tears. I remember the heroes who lost their lives that horrible day. I remember a nation that pulled together to donate time, money and energy. I remember a nation that mourned, fought … Continue reading

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Change is in the Air!

As we walked out the door this morning to go to the school bus stop, there was a wonderful difference in the air!  Change is coming and it will, eventually become fall in Oklahoma.  I’m guessing it will even arrive in … Continue reading

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