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Happy Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I find it very relaxing and rejuvenating.  I prefer to stay home in my jammies and do whatever I really want to do. On my favorite Sundays, I watch Sunday Morning on … Continue reading

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This has been a rough week for many around the United States.  With the bombings in Boston and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, the week has been full of sadness, frustrations and questions.  I try to concentrate on the … Continue reading

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I’ve had my first Jewelry Party!

As you know, I’ve started a new job.  I’m an independent representative for the best sterling silver jewelry company in the world!  We’re 15 years old this year.  We have home parties and our own websites.  We do fundraisers.  We … Continue reading

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I just made my twelfth Kiva loan!  This is something that makes me feel so  very good!  To know that with just $25 I can truly help someone else in this big world make their own life a little (or … Continue reading

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Helping Schools the Easy Way

I believe I’ve told you that my grandchildren are going to school in a more financially disadvantaged school district this year.  This school does not have many of the things that schools in neighboring areas around here have and take for granted.  The … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Gratitude

I’m grateful today…. that all of the grandkids are healthy and in school that we’ve had rain recently that I got to visit with my friend Beth via skype yesterday that the Texas Rangers are in the play offs and … Continue reading

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Global Celebrations for Kiva’s 6th Birthday!

Please join the Kiva Community this October in one of the 10 participating cities and help them celebrate 6 years of making loans to deserving entrepreneurs around the world!  Come meet Kiva enthusiasts in your community and celebrate the global movement … Continue reading

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KIVA Update

The response has been overwhelming!  I just checked their website (by clicking the link on my post from yesterday) and they have less than 200 of the original 4000 free $25 loans left!  I knew they would go fast.  Since they have been … Continue reading

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Do you loan through KIVA?

If not, now is the perfect time to start!  They are giving away 4000 — $25 loans if you loan through someone who has loaned in the past.  This giveaway is only lasting through the 13th of August, 2011 or … Continue reading

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