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I’m Organizing and Cleaning and Rearranging

This particular project has been going on forever.  There have been weeks — no, months — when it felt that I was not making any progress at all.  I’ve been slowed down repeatedly by jobs, family and other obligations — … Continue reading

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Bucket List 2013

Yesterday I looked at an interesting blog.  Bucket List Publications is full of stories about bucket list achievements and bucket list dreams.  I was truly inspired as I read it.  The thing about the blog and Lesley that inspired me the … Continue reading

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Happy Holiday Weekend!

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the United States.  I would normally go see my son this weekend since he was born near this time of year (keeping the exact day a secret — shhh), but with the new business … Continue reading

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Pottery Treasures I Found!

My dear Momma has basically moved up here near me!  They still have their other place and still spend a week or so there a month, but they are slowly getting everything up here.  I love it!  I love having … Continue reading

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Very Slow Progress

I won’t bore you with day to day photos. Let’s just say that I can tell there’s been progress made in that one little area, but I don’t know that anyone else can, including my hubby. I have a long … Continue reading

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