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Nature’s Treasures

I live in a rural area.  My father designed and built the log home I live in.  I wish I had known during the design process that I would someday live in this house, because I would have recommended a … Continue reading

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Independence and the Lack there of

The bad news — I fell yesterday.  Actually, if  you are familiar with football terms, my smaller dog, Katie, clipped me and down I went — hard!  If my hubby had not been home at the time, I’d probably still … Continue reading

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ICAD 2,3 and 4!

I may start posting these daily or may continue to do this in a group format.  It’s hard to tell with the kids and my life right now. A little update on the doggy poisoning situation of yesterday — apparently one … Continue reading

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Disaster Averted

Yesterday evening, my oldest granddaughter came running into the house to tell me that their dog Gabriel was eating a piece of meat!  Now, this was a piece of meat that just “magically” showed up in their yard.  Are you … Continue reading

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I am Grateful Today for…

family, in all shapes, sizes and ages having a purpose libraries! books that get my creative urges flowing sleep money to pay the bills air conditioners that work artistic expression, everyone’s — even if I don’t understand it all the time … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Gratitude

I think I’ll be doing this weekly for a while.  Hope you enjoy.  You are more than welcome to join me.  If you do, please leave a link to your gratitude list in the comments. I’m still at my son’s … Continue reading

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