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Thursday’s Gratitude

I’m grateful today…. that all of the grandkids are healthy and in school that we’ve had rain recently that I got to visit with my friend Beth via skype yesterday that the Texas Rangers are in the play offs and … Continue reading

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One More Mail Art Letter

There is so much to show when I get letters from some of these mail artists.  Pamela of CappuccinoAndArtJournal is just that type of mail artist!  Wow!  She goes all out each and every time.  I don’t always know how … Continue reading

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Really Cool Mail Art Letter

I love getting good old-fashioned mail — in the mailbox — brought to me by a human being.  I love it!  It doesn’t matter what kind it is, my heart skips a beat and I get a thrill right down … Continue reading

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Gratitude — a Day Late

This week has just gotten away from me.  I woke up this morning, realized it was Friday and that I hadn’t posted my Thursday Gratitude post.  It has just been a wild week here.  So, without further ado or excuses, … Continue reading

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I Have Letters to Write!

I don’t even know if I can catch up on all of the mail I’ve gotten that I haven’t shared with you yet.  WordPress seems to go nuts if I try to load too many photos in one post.  Let’s … Continue reading

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In the Mail

I’m behind on showing you what I’ve gotten in the mail since coming here to Oklahoma.  It’s difficult to get some time to myself to post on the blog since my arrival here.  So many things to do during the … Continue reading

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What Teachers Really Want to tell Parents

Do you ever get frustrated by today’s education system?  Well one thing you can do to help, is let teachers do their job and back them up while they do it!  Yes, you read that correctly.  If you don’t believe me, … Continue reading

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Mail Art — In the Mail

I’m having a booger of a time, getting the post about the mail art I made this week to come out the way I want it to.  WordPress does not like photo heavy posts, especially if they are light on writing.  So, … Continue reading

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I am Grateful Today for…

family, in all shapes, sizes and ages having a purpose libraries! books that get my creative urges flowing sleep money to pay the bills air conditioners that work artistic expression, everyone’s — even if I don’t understand it all the time … Continue reading

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Look at What I Found this week!

Sometimes, it pays not to clean out your desk drawers! I grew up writing letters.  I had occasional pen pals through school and I had friends who moved away that I wrote to.  As I got older, the time between … Continue reading

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