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I wasn’t going to post about this, but when I got an email this evening from a concerned blog friend, I decided that I should. I haven’t been posting much lately.  One reason is that I haven’t had much to … Continue reading

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Rage? Fury? A Black Hole?

It’s been a hell of a week.  We’ve had a death in the family.  My step father died last Monday.  It was quite a shock and my mother has had a really rough time.  On top of that, his “family” is being … Continue reading

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I am so Very Grateful

The last few days were very busy.  I haven’t had time to finish writing about all B and I did and didn’t even have time to do.  I’m tuckered out and trying to just rest.  I’m writing blog posts and … Continue reading

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A Sad Anniversary

My sister died two years ago today.  For some reason, the anniversary is bothering much more this year than it did last year.  Maybe because I expected to be really torn up last year, so I faced it head on and this … Continue reading

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My Moody Blues

I’ll admit it, I’m in a bit of a mood.  Every single time my grandchildren come down to see their momma’s side of the family, my oldest granddaughter ends up crying for at least a couple of weeks after the … Continue reading

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As Our Nation Remembers…

I remember too. I remember the shock, the anger and the tears. I remember the heroes who lost their lives that horrible day. I remember a nation that pulled together to donate time, money and energy. I remember a nation that mourned, fought … Continue reading

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New Post Cards, a Book, a Heart Rock and a new Project

I found another heart rock in my walk way yesterday on my way to the car to go to Dallas to sew with my mini group friends.  I picked it up, scraped off the mud (we’ve had a little rain lately) … Continue reading

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Pure Misery

Are you a woman? Do you remember what puberty was like? Now, set that aside for a moment and think about the first time you experienced the loss of someone you truly loved. The first death of a close family … Continue reading

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Wait for it……

As you know, my daughter-in-law passed away a little over 5 months ago. My grandchildren are dealing with this with various degrees of difficulty. Right now, my oldest granddaughter (she’s 9) is having a very hard time with it. The … Continue reading

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I found another Heart Rock!

I couldn’t believe it! I was coming home from the post office. I’ve been thinking a lot about my sister Teresa the last week. The last couple of weeks. Heck, the last — almost 5 months now, since she passed … Continue reading

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