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I found another Heart Rock!

I couldn’t believe it! I was coming home from the post office. I’ve been thinking a lot about my sister Teresa the last week. The last couple of weeks. Heck, the last — almost 5 months now, since she passed … Continue reading

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Sissy Dog

Sissy is my son’s and grandchildren’s dog. My son got Sissy for M before #1 was born. She may have been a Christmas gift, I can’t really remember. She’s a miniature pincher or minpin and is brown and tan. When she first came … Continue reading

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The San Diego Zoo

We went to the San Diego Zoo on May 20th. That would have been M’s 30th birthday. We took the kids out of school and hit the road. It was a 4 hour drive there and 4 hours back. It … Continue reading

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Most Precious Gift — Life

I read a letter today that my son received earlier in the week. It had me in tears for quite a while. It was a letter telling us a little about the people who received the organs that were donated … Continue reading

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Wonders never Cease

The wonders today are about M. She was an ill young woman, for many years. Probably more than any of us expected. My son and I have been going through all the boxes, cabinets and closets in their house and … Continue reading

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My Daughter-in-law

My daughter-in-law, M, was declared brain dead on March 25. She is an organ donor — of her heart, kidneys and liver. She has helped save the lives of others and bring comfort to their families and friends with her passing. … Continue reading

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Dark, Slippery Slopes

As I write this, my daughter-in-law M is in Intensive Care in California. I’m losing my mind in Texas, wanting to be with my son and grandchildren. To help them through this horrible, difficult time. M overdosed on prescription medications … Continue reading

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My Son

My son. He’s a good man. He’s a Staff Sargent in the Air Force. He went into the Air Force right out of high school because he wanted to get married and knew it was the only way to support … Continue reading

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One thing my oldest granddaughter and I have in common is our love of trees. When CV was a tiny little thing, just learning to walk, she had to touch every tree she was near. She’d stretch out that little … Continue reading

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