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Rain — A Comforting Sound

It’s raining.  I can hear it.  Which means that it must be coming down pretty good out there.  I live in a log house and I can’t hear the rain when I’m upstairs unless it is indeed coming down pretty good.  There … Continue reading

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Danger, Danger!

I try to stay away from eBay.  I really do.  I love auctions.  Live auctions are a real weakness for me.  I have to be really careful.  Some folks have gambling problems.  In a way, I do too.  To me, … Continue reading

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Rubber Stamps Anyone?

You may have noticed recently that I am fairly newly in love with mail art.  I’ve always expressed myself in some form of art.  I was about 6 when my momma taught me to embroider.  I think I was bored and … Continue reading

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Don’t Call…I Won’t Answer

Tomorrow, April 6th, 2012, is a day that I’ve looked forward to since that gloomy October night in 2011 (the 29th to be exact) when the Texas Rangers lost game seven of the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals.  … Continue reading

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Happy Spring and Things Postal

I feel like I’m trying to get sick. It rained a whole heck of a lot last night.  The lake is full.  Well, it’s actually over flowing.  They have all six of the flood gates open.  That’s a nice change from the … Continue reading

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Talk about this “Old” Lady’s Mind and Luck

Remember the envelope I showed recently that I said I’d be mailing soon?  Well, I mailed it off today with wonderful old postage attached.  The only problem was that I somehow managed to mis-count the amount of postage on the envelope.  I blame it … Continue reading

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A List of things I LOVE

Today, I am filled with gratitude and I feel like making a list!  So, in no particular order, I’m listing things I love… pretty stamps bluebonnets my family! the smell of fresh-cut grass the sound of laughter — especially, my son’s, … Continue reading

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Old TV Shows I Love

There are some old shows that I still watch.  In fact, there are times when I’ll watch them over what is being shown on TV now — especially if the only other choices are reality shows.  I do not like … Continue reading

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