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A New Quilt Shop in Tool, Texas!!!

Mom came by this morning. We sat visiting, laughing and talking for a while. It is always so good to see my Momma! I know I’m very lucky. Not every woman can see her mom often and not every woman … Continue reading

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Making it my own!

My sister, mother, niece and I all went shopping to this wonderful place — Old Town Spring — on one of my recent visits to my sister’s house. There was a shop there that I totally fell in love with. … Continue reading

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A Little Clarification

A little clarification for my momma and the men in my life about the posting I made earlier. I love the company of men. I enjoy them and their wit. Nothing on earth makes me happier than the sound of … Continue reading

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Today is all about Dad talk

Today is the 14th anniversary of my dad’s passing. This day used to upset me a great deal. I finally got used to the idea of him being gone. I got used to the fact that we’d never be able … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

I’ve always loved Halloween. When I was a kid, I loved to dress as a gypsy every Halloween. My momma would make me a black skirt by dying a bed sheet black and then sewing it into a skirt. For … Continue reading

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Now and This Week

I’m going to be out of town at the end of the week so I’ll be posting my photo of the week early. I’m going to the Houston Quilt Festival! I’ve got a lot of things to do before I … Continue reading

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How "Mollie" Got Her Name

My son was the first grandchild. We had tried to come up with what Momma wanted to be called by him, but she just really couldn’t do it. I think the fact that she was so young had something to … Continue reading

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Another Nephew Funny

My youngest nephew’s birthday was last Thursday. It was a nice day. I was visiting his family for a few days and our mother had come over also. Everyone had dinner together. Momma had fried chicken and it was wonderful! … Continue reading

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