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Never Quite Got to It

I’m sorry folks.  I completely meant to write a post about my other fountain pen today, but I just never quite got around to it.  I will do it either tomorrow or Monday.  I’m thinking that I may not have … Continue reading

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Memories and Jelly

Momma and I recently took a trip down south of here to visit B.  Along the way, we stopped for a potty break and to get me a cold Coke at Buc-ee’s.  Yes, I fell off of the Coke wagon … Continue reading

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Little Treasures

Momma and I went down to visit my niece (her granddaughter) B last week.  It was a nice drive with great company, something we normally don’t get to do together.  B was unhinged from a recent breakup and stress from … Continue reading

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More Goodies

I did go back to that estate sale yesterday.  There were several things I had hoped to get at a lower price.  Unfortunately, they had all sold by the time I got there.  Including the red sofa that sold for … Continue reading

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My momma called last night to tell me that she had found an estate sale for us to go to today.  On my way over to pick her up, I passed another estate sale and a church garage sale!  I actually bought … Continue reading

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A Visit to Fairlie, Texas

My mother and I recently drove to points north to visit a former neighbor.  This lovely lady — Mrs. B — lived across the street from us for more than 15 years, maybe 20 years.  She once watched over my sister and I while … Continue reading

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Pottery Treasures I Found!

My dear Momma has basically moved up here near me!  They still have their other place and still spend a week or so there a month, but they are slowly getting everything up here.  I love it!  I love having … Continue reading

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Coming and Going — In the Mail

This day is just flying by!  If I don’t hustle, I won’t get this posted and then I don’t know when it will happen. The weekend was wonderful, relaxing and fun.  On Saturday, I wrote a couple of letters and … Continue reading

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Happy, Happy Birthday to You and You!

Today is my momma’s birthday and my hubby’s birthday.  It would have been my daddy’s birthday too, but he passed in ’95.  I’m not with Momma or hubby this year.  I’m still in Oklahoma with my son and grandchildren.  I’m … Continue reading

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I Wish I Could Sit a Fence

My momma can sit on a fence better than any person I know.  My sister and I would get into arguments and there was momma — sitting on that fence — not taking sides.  She’d listen to each of us.  … Continue reading

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