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My Cross Quilt in Progress

I’ve worked a lot on the layout of this quilt this week.  It’s driven me out of my mind at times!  I think I should have read some of those tutorials I’ve come across in the past.  Or maybe I … Continue reading

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Hubby’s Quilt!

Last weekend, I got to go to a quilt retreat!  I used to go to several a year.  Now, I’m extremely lucky to get to go to one or two a year.  This was my second retreat this year and … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I find it very relaxing and rejuvenating.  I prefer to stay home in my jammies and do whatever I really want to do. On my favorite Sundays, I watch Sunday Morning on … Continue reading

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Always ask a kid for clarification

I’m starting to get ready for a quilt retreat, at least mentally making lists of things to take.  One thing I plan to work on is my grandson’s pink hexagon quilt.  I’ve never tried to plan a hexagon quilt before.  Hopefully, … Continue reading

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Layout Decision on Hex project Number one

I finally decided on a layout for the yellow and grey hexagon English Paper Piecing miniature quilt project!  It all started because I pulled hexs willy-nilly from a bag without looking at them or planning placement at all.  I think … Continue reading

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Completed Miniature Quilt

I finished the mini I showed you a couple of days ago.  I had forgotten how much I hate putting a single layer binding on a quilt of any size until I was working on this one.  I normally put … Continue reading

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A Little Sewing

I started working on this little miniature quilt a couple of months ago.  I haven’t been sewing often lately, basically only when I’m at a “sit and sew” with friends or a rare quilt retreat, so it’s taken me a … Continue reading

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Stirred not Shaken

Yes, right now, I’m wishing I had a good drink.  I’m more the margarita type than the martini type, though the title of the post describes me and not the drink I’m wanting.  I’m all stirred up! I went to a … Continue reading

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Art Every Day Month — Day 30 — The last day

I’ve been hand quilting since yesterday. I enjoy this process more than I can express in words. Hand quilting adds so very much to a quilt. Well, machine quilting does too, I’m just not good at machine quilting. I’ve sat … Continue reading

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