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My First “300” Words about Quilting Essay

I almost forgot to tell you that my essay that I sent into Quilters Newsletter Magazine was published on their web extras section of their website!  Click here to read it.  Mine is the fifth one down!  It was the very first … Continue reading

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Sponge Bob Square Pants Mail!

I just saw this on Facebook and had to share it with you! Unfortunately, I can’t figure out where to get the photo of the Sponge Box Mailbox to show you. Yes, that’s right! There will be thirty Sponge Box … Continue reading

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What I’ll be doing today — Sunday

As I told you recently, Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  Today I’ll be writing postcards and letters.  I have several thank you notes I want to write and a letter to answer, plus I can now mail … Continue reading

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Letters in Movies

I’m watching an old John Wayne movie right now. “Red River” shows a hand written (in cursive, of course) letter or journal throughout the scenes.  Young kids won’t be able to enjoy that part of the movie.  Of course that’s assuming … Continue reading

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Happy Sunday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I find it very relaxing and rejuvenating.  I prefer to stay home in my jammies and do whatever I really want to do. On my favorite Sundays, I watch Sunday Morning on … Continue reading

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Great Idea I Stole — Help Save My Post Office!

Thanks to the Letter Writers Alliance for pointing me to this wonderful post by Jane Davies, artist and owner of the Post Office in Rupert, VT.  (Can you imagine owning a charming post office?  I couldn’t until I saw the … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy

I usually spend a lot of time on Saturday writing letters and postcards.  I started on Friday night, writing letters to the World War 2 Veterans.  I managed to get five letters done that were just taken to the mailbox.  … Continue reading

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Honor a WW2 Veteran with a Letter!

I read a post on the Letter Writers Alliance a little while ago that made me grab my fountain pen and my paper!  It was a mail call for the Honor Flight of Chicago’s World War 2 Veterans to see the Washington … Continue reading

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Calling all Letter Writers!

Way back in June of 2011 I started a Circle Letter project with some of my first cousins in an effort to get reacquainted with them.  It’s been a rather hit and miss proposition.  I wrote my letter and sent it off … Continue reading

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Other Things Do Happen

I don’t mean for this blog to be just about mail and things related, but it sure seems to be lately.  Other things do happen around here, but just not many of them recently that I care to talk about.  So, until other blog … Continue reading

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