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Here I am, once again, behind in sharing the Postcrossing postcards that I’ve gotten in the mail recently.  I’m going to break them into two posts since I don’t have photographs of all of them yet.  Here is the first group:

# 1

This (first) funny card comes from Lina in Richmond, Virginia.  I just love it!  Lina says she found the card in an “everything shop”.  I’ve been trying to figure out where the ladies on the front of the card could have possible been when it was taken.  For some reason, the fencing reminds me of an airport.  The back of the postcard says that the photo was taken in Pasadena, California in 1963, so I’m probably wrong about the airport.  I think women got all dressed up back then to go to airports.  I am quite curious though.  What do you think?

# 2

Our second postcard for today comes from Sari in Finland.  It shows a lovely momma swan and her cygnet.  Sari says that the swan is the national bird of Finland.  It is a beautiful bird and I do like it, but all I could think of is that I would not want to upset that momma!  I’ve had geese “bite” me.  Swans are so much larger and stronger.  I would not want her to think I was after her little cygnet and have her coming after me!  Yikes!

# 3

Number three is from Jen in Seattle, Washington.  She said she had just gotten married last month (that would be in June).  She was also hoping that we were staying cool in Texas.  She is lucky enough to be having a mild summer.  I’m glad someone is!  We’re still in a heat wave and a drought.  Hoping for a break in both soon.   Until then, we’re staying in as much as possible in the air conditioning.

# 4

Postcard number four comes from Svetlana in Russia.  It shows the Novodevichy monastery.  I’m sorry, I don’t know what town it’s in.  Isn’t it amazing?  I can’t picture it being a monastery.  It looks much too lavish!  The stamps she used on this one are just wonderful too.  There are yellow roses on one, what I think is a deer and fawn on the middle stamp and a beautiful religious icon looking stamp.  Of course it may not be a deer or a religious icon, but I do know my yellow roses.

the Russian stamps

# 5

The 5th and last postcard for today, is from Michelle.  It shows the Vigan Cathedral built by the Spanish.  Vigan is one of the oldest Spanish towns in the Philippines and Asia.  I believe this was my first postcard from the Philippines!

I had a letter that I had wanted to share with you, but I forgot to take any photos before returning it to my middle granddaughter.  She sent a darling little letter asking if I wanted her to make me a necklace.  She had cut pieces of each color of yarn that she had and taped them to the letter.  I was to pick out two colors for the necklace and circle them.  Then pick out another color for the bow.  Then I was to return it to her.  Reminded me of my school days and made me smile.  I returned it to her today.
More soon….
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  1. Mary says:

    You received some very pretty postcards…I’m in Postcrassing too…it is fun, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Pearl Maple says:

    you have such pretty post cards crossing your path

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