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My middle granddaughter is a generous soul.  She is kind and helpful.  More so than her siblings.  She got $20 total for her birthday from various people.  Yesterday, I took both girls with me to the office supply store to get … Continue reading

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I used to keep a gratitude list.  I don’t know why I stopped.  It helps me to reflect on the large and small things in my life that I am grateful for, especially when times are difficult.  Tonight, I feel … Continue reading

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Home Crafted Stationery

stationery decorated by my granddaughters I’ve been busy writing letters and making envelopes to mail them in!  And I have had f-u-n doing it too!  You may not know or remember that I am a new fountain pen owner.  I’ve never … Continue reading

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Funny Postcard!

This postcard was in the mail yesterday.  It made me laugh when I saw it.  I love laughing in the Post Office! It is from Andee in Utah.  She said her uncle took the photo of their sheep and that it … Continue reading

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My Recent Mail

This is the mail from last week.  Three Postcrossing cards and one really fun unexpected postcard! The first Postcrossing postcard comes from Evelyn in Taiwan and shows the “Calligraphic legacy of Asia”.  She has drawn several darling little things on the … Continue reading

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ICAD for Monday

I tried to draw a variety of things today — a cartoon like angel (only did part of her head) and some lettering practice for journaling.  None of it looked particularly good.  Then I remembered that I had wanted to try … Continue reading

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I’m having a bit of trouble with this blog thing today. I made this icad last night.  Other than gluing a couple of pieces of paper on one other card (that I haven’t shared yet), this is my first collaged card.  … Continue reading

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This Heat Reminds Me

When I was a kid, we did not have central air, we had window units.  It didn’t matter how hot it got, they did not get turned on until June 1st.  That was daddy’s rule and it was not allowed to … Continue reading

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My recent ICADs

I have not been consistent in working on my index card art since leaving for Oklahoma.  I think I did a couple on one day while there and I did a few yesterday, but I was home then.  I’ve done one … Continue reading

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I cannot tell you how much I have loved every piece of art work I’ve seen so far from Elle Mental!  She wrote on her postcard that her son lives in the big city near me.  Maybe she’ll come visit … Continue reading

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