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Fuzzy Headed Land

Everything seems a bit surreal. I, myself, feel as if I am functioning at half capacity at best. I hear what everyone says to me. I feel like I answer in an intelligent manner and then I promptly forget what … Continue reading

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My Daughter-in-law

My daughter-in-law, M, was declared brain dead on March 25. She is an organ donor — of her heart, kidneys and liver. She has helped save the lives of others and bring comfort to their families and friends with her passing. … Continue reading

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Dark, Slippery Slopes

As I write this, my daughter-in-law M is in Intensive Care in California. I’m losing my mind in Texas, wanting to be with my son and grandchildren. To help them through this horrible, difficult time. M overdosed on prescription medications … Continue reading

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What’s up with me?

Just wanted to give you all a quick update. The Dallas Quilt Celebration was great and odd (at least for me) this year. Saturday, I had a toilet spray me when I flushed it. I had to go buy a … Continue reading

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All the News that is Fit to Print

Quite honestly there isn’t a lot of news that is fit to print from here today. Of course there isn’t much news that isn’t fit to print either. I’ve spent the last couple of days making sure my entry for … Continue reading

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Chew Bones and the Odd Behavior they Inspire

As I write this, Barkley is eating his rawhide bone. Katie is trying desperately to bury hers with her nose — in the fabric of the cover on the couch. We noticed this behavior, that we consider odd, but we … Continue reading

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In the Works

This is the beginning of my second scarf! Isn’t it wonderful? I love this yarn. Those of you who don’t knit and don’t give an owl’s hoot about all of this, may want to skip this post. Sorry about that, … Continue reading

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Primary Election Day

I’ve been of the age to vote for some time now, but I have not always exercised that right. I was in my mid to late twenties when a political discussion came up at work. I was not engaged in … Continue reading

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It’s a Scarf!

It’s a scarf! I finished it. It’s done. I’ve made a real, honest to goodness scarf. From soft “lemon grass” colored wool yarn. To me, this is an amazing act. I can look at this scarf and see where I … Continue reading

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A Great Bead and more Yarn

I have been extremely lucky lately. I’ve been a little embarrassed to say just how lucky. But, I’m going to fess up right here, right now and tell you that I won prizes on 5 different blogs during the One … Continue reading

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