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A LIttle Change for the Blog Look

As you may have noticed, I changed the photo in my blog banner. I’ve had the blog for a while and I just got a little tired of seeing the same quilt for so long. This one is a miniature … Continue reading

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I Am Home

I’ve actually been home almost a week. I can’t begin to tell you how good it is to be home. We arrived at midnight. It was dark, humid and the air was full of sound. I loved it! Frogs, cicadas, … Continue reading

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The word “school” brings up all kinds of thoughts and emotions, doesn’t it? School is out here for the summer now. The girls last day was Thursday and JT’s last day was Friday. They actually go to school in two … Continue reading

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So Far, So Good

The girls have been out of school for the summer for almost 5 hours now. I’m not totally insane as yet. For this I am thankful. I just trimmed #2’s bangs. She insisted on me using scissors. I was nervous, … Continue reading

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I’m a little down in the Dumps Today

I’ve been here helping my son and grandchildren for the better part of two months now. I didn’t expect to be here this long when I said I’d come. To be fair, neither did my son. I’m ready to go … Continue reading

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